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The Inter Organisational Group on Archive at Risk

Archives at Risk is a global initiative to safeguard endangered audiovisual archives by raising awareness, encouraging cooperative projects, and drawing on the expertise and support of the leading organizations representing audiovisual archives.

Now organized by the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archive Associations (CCAAA), the main objective of Archives at Risk is to raise awareness of the dangers and challenges threatening the world’s audiovisual archives. A portal registering Archives at Risk, aiming to offer professional media management resources, and identify sources of funding for these archives is the first step.

The project will expand to provide access to more online resources, reports and articles, a selection of guidelines and best practices; develop lobbying activities on behalf of endangered archives throughout the world; and develop lobbying activities and funding opportunities to save and give access to the world audiovisual heritage. Ultimately, the project may lead to the establishment of a Foundation for the preservation of world endangered media archives.

The Archives at Risk project.

Archives at Risk works to connect archives that are at risk to the resources needed to save these important cultural collections.

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    The Threat

    No country, even the most advanced in terms of digitization and conservation, is immune to the destruction of important collections and archives.  These include news footage, sound recordings, cultural records, home movies, television and cinema. The threats to the our cultural memory are many and include aging collections, obsolete technologies, poor storage, natural disasters and […]

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    How You Can Help

    There are many ways for individuals, institutions, businesses, schools, government agencies, and others to participate in Archives at Risk. If your archive is at risk, let us know what your specific needs are and through one of the member organizations we will try to match donor resources. There are a number of ways you and/or […]

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    Project Members

    A network of international non-governmental organizations, Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archive Associations (CCAAA) speaks as a common voice on all aspects of audiovisual archiving. Through its member organizations, CCAAA advances and supports recognition of audiovisual heritage as part of the world’s cultural and documentary legacy and promotes and encourages the preservation of accessibility of the […]