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Project Members

A network of international non-governmental organizations, Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archive Associations (CCAAA) speaks as a common voice on all aspects of audiovisual archiving. Through its member organizations, CCAAA advances and supports recognition of audiovisual heritage as part of the world’s cultural and documentary legacy and promotes and encourages the preservation of accessibility of the that heritage on an international level.

Members include:

Association for Recorded Sound Collections

Founded in 1966, ARSC is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, study, publication, and information exchange surrounding all aspects of recordings and recorded sound. ARSC works to encourage the preservation of historical recordings, and to foster an increased awareness of the importance of recorded sound as part of any cultural heritage.

Association of Moving Image Archivists

AMIA is a non-profit professional association established to advance the field of moving image archiving by fostering cooperation among individuals and organizations concerned with the acquisition, preservation, exhibition and use of moving image materials.

International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives

IASA was established in 1969 in Amsterdam to function as a medium for international co-operation between archives that preserve recorded sound and audiovisual documents. IASA supports the exchange of information and fosters international co-operation between audiovisual archives in all fields.

International Council on Archives

ICA is dedicated to the advancement of archives worldwide. Archives, by providing evidence of human activities and transactions, underlie the rights of individuals and states, and are fundamental to democracy and good governance. Archives safeguard the memory of mankind by preserving records of its past.

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

IFLA is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the library and information profession.

International Federation of Television Archives

FIAT/IFTA is an international professional association established to provide a means for co-operation amongst broadcast and national audiovisual archives and libraries concerned with the collection, preservation and exploitation of moving images, recorded sound materials and associated documentation.

Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association

The association aims to provide a regional forum for addressing common issues and concerns related to the collection and preservation of, and provision of access to, the audiovisual heritage of member countries.

Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries

FOCAL is a trade association with a membership of over 300 international companies and individuals. Its purpose is to facilitate the use of library footage, images, stills and audio in all forms of media production; promote its members – libraries selling content plus those whose serve the industry; provide a platform for members to promote themselves and their interests; encourage good practice in the research, licensing, copyright clearance and use of footage; support, promote and educate on the need to preserve and restore footage and content; act as an information resource for the footage and content industry; offer training in key skills and in the broader appreciation of the footage and content industry.