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They Call Her .. Cleopatra Wong (1978) by Bobby A. Suarez (credited as George Richardson).

They Call Her…Cleopatra Wong (1978) is a film by the late Filipino filmmaker Bobby A.Suarez and starred Singaporean actress Marrie Lee in the title role as a beautiful and formidable Interpol agent investigating a crime syndicate. The film was a co-production between the Philippines and Singapore, illustrating the two nations’ long cinematic relationship and representing one of the few Asian English-speaking films of the 1970s involving Singapore. They Call Her…Cleopatra Wong has since gained a cult following and is reportedly one of the key inspirations to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies. In 2010, the film was released as part of a double feature DVD, along with Suarez’s 1983 film, The One-Armed Executioner.

However, any known original negatives and prints of the film are lost. The Asian Film Archive (AFA) did an initial search for the negatives and prints but to little avail. The few surviving copies of the film are currently preserved in the videotape format and are in a less than desirable condition. They Call Her … Cleopatra Wong is an example of the many films that audiences will no longer be able to enjoy in its original cinematic state. The AFA hopes that more can be done for the numerous Asian films that are still waiting to be preserved.



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